I will consider each issue in terms of freedom and personal responsibility. I will look for human solutions rather than government solutions when problems arise.

  • I would introduce a bill to reduce the legislative session to one month and cut the pay of legislators in half. Most of the work now is solutions in search of problems. A specific example of this is any gun control legislation. We are one of the safest states in the country and one with the least restrictive gun regulations.

  • While I believe all citizens should have access to health care, no one has a right to the services of another without paying for it. State regulations requiring strict community ratings have driven out all but two or three health insurers. Competition and market solutions are better than government solutions. The money spent on the website so far could have supplied a decent supplement for a policy for every uninsured person in this state.

  • I would work to find regulations that could be removed without materially affecting property or persons, making a less restrictive business and personal freedom environment. Motorcycle helmet and cell phone laws would be two examples of this. Persons who are not in control of their car, regardless of the reason, should be civilly and criminally liable for damage to persons and property. Another is the recently enacted regulations for taxis in Rutland City. Any car that is registered, inspected and has a driver who is licensed should be able to hire their car for a ride.

  • I would introduce legislation to legalize hemp growing and marijuana and to decriminalize other drug use. What we consider dangerous drugs are legal in Portugal and their use has not increased. One unintended consequence of the law is that many users have come forward for help now that they aren’t prosecuted for a crime.

  • I would seek to reduce the number of incarcerated persons in this state by releasing those who have done no damage to persons or property.

  • I would seek to offer school choice to all, with money following the student to any public, private, religious or charter school of their choosing.

  • I would seek to remove minimum wage laws and make Vermont a right to work state. A wage should be a mutually acceptable value that gives both parties satisfaction. Either party should be able to terminate that relationship at their will. Workers should be able to join unions or not as they see fit. However a non-union employee should not receive the benefits secured by the union under the law.

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